I just A D O R E this ROMANTIC holiday.

So much pretty LOVE, to spread around


OH MY…those looked WAY better LAST YEAR…

Now What ???

Hmmm….Well…How about a Brand New Outfit…

Yup, this is the ticket.

So pulled out the boxes of old,






hearts and such…

selected the  appropriate “spray can”,

and away we go!



+ a wee bit of paint and


= THIS !

and this…

and these  too!

And so the DECORATING begins!

these girly little TIGHTS and LEG WARMERS, just make me…

and what could be more FUN,

than a little Birthday  BREAKFAST  celebration!

With boxes and MORE boxes arriving daily,

the shop is FULL of   “R & R  GOODNESS”

So come in

and ENJOY the “PRETTY”,

that this SWEET holiday has to offer .

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Well the tree is down,
and has been hauled away…


sparkly orbs of goodness

at my house, have been lovingly wrapped in tissue,
and boxed for another year.

And oh what a marvelous holiday this has been.
but at the shop,  the R&R ladies have been scurrying about,

gathering all the


that remains, so that all of you

“AFTER Christmas bargain hunters”

can have a successful

“search and rescue” mission.

All Christmas decor is NOW

40% OFF

as well as

25% OFF

All Ladies Clothing!

So after the tinsel is gone, POP into the shop,

and ENJOY a little R&R treasure hunt.


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to all of you ladies, this Christmas season.”

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Now that the store is in full Holiday garb…

it usually takes me about three weeks, to recuperate from this decorating extravaganza.

Although I am not quite ready to deck the halls here at home, I have already ordered my tree, which I will put up in the third week of November. I love the BEAUTY and FABULOUS aroma of a “real” tree, but am not a fan of all the needles.

For the last four or five years, I have opted for a real tree that has been FLOCKED.

This could be…

This gives me the best of both worlds, as the flocking glues the needles together, so there is little or no mess.

Flocking trees is not a NEW idea…in 1960,  if a girl had

cute shoes and a vacuum….anything was possible!

Found a little more current recipe for those of you who are both “brave and daring”.

A little “HOW TO”…

Things You’ll Need

  • Christmas tree
  • Can of aerosol flocking or homemade flocking
  • Small paintbrush
  • Safety glasses
  • Face mask
  • 2/3 cup liquid starch
  • 2 cups soap flakes
  • Water
  • Blue food coloring
    • 1

      Combine 2/3 cup starch with 2 cups of soap flakes in a medium bowl.

    • 2

      Stir in 2 to 4 tbsp. of water, a tablespoon at a time, until the mixture has a thick, stiff consistency. Stir in food coloring a drop at a time until you have a glistening white color.

    • 3

      Put the tree securely in a tree stand, and take it outside and set it on a flat, level surface, such as a sidewalk or driveway. Put on safety glasses or goggles and a face mask.

    • 4

      Spray or brush the flocking gently down and across the outer tops of the branches, starting at the top of the tree and working your way down. It is better to have to apply a second coat than to have too much.

    • 5

      Work around and down the tree, applying an even, light application of flocking. Flock only the top sides of the boughs; snow would not cling to the undersides in nature.

    • 6

      Sprinkle a light coat of glitter before the flocking dries if you are using homemade flocking.

    • 7

      Allow the flocking to dry completely before putting the tree in your house.

Read more: How to Flock a Christmas Tree | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4673110_flock-christmas-tree.html#ixzz1cu4ejiZI

I have not tried this method, but do plan to give it “the old college try” on a sweet “charlie brown” tree for my kitchen. Will keep you posted on the results.

These two snappies are part of an article that feature our home, from a previous Christmas.

Many thanks to Style at Home magazine

for featuring a small bit, of our “old crooked house”

in their special Christmas issue this season.

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Well our Open House was SO much fun! Thank you to all of you lovely ladies, who made this day so worth while. It was so very special to catch up with old friends and make many new ones.

For those of you who were not able to stop by, I will share how this special event went down.

Friday evening a WHITE forest arrived at Roses and Rutabagas.

Saturday morning customers have one last opportunity to shop, because at 1:00 the doors are closed and the decorating commences! We…My very S*W*E*E*T staff and I, sprinkle the shop with Christmas goodness.

Glitter…Glamour…and…Sparkle a plenty is what we hope to achieve. When the clock strikes 2:00 on Monday the doors are opened, and the F*U*N begins!

Now, without further a due, let me share just a bit of the shop,

As we girls decked the halls…

And dressed the tables…

There was much L A U G H T E R

C  H I T  C H A T

and  C O F F E E !

A BIG thank you to my dear friend Koralee,

for sharing her decorating talent,

and adding to our J O Y !

We L O V E to incorporate a theme into each seasons decor…

This year we decided on a P A R I S I A N theme .

Eiffel Towers and Fleur de Lis are a MUST!

But lets not forget the S*P*A*R*K*L*E !

Whether it’s a french country cottage look,

the elegant plumes of a wreath or feather boa,

Or a glittering “Baroque” inspired tree

We hope you will find a little piece of  PARIS to take home.

I have a few vintage Christmas decor items that always make me SWOON and SMILE as I unwrap them from the tissue each year. Paper houses and churches definitely fall into this category. So thought I would bring in a collection of different “glass domed houses” and “sugar coated cottages” for YOU to display both on trees and mantles.

Oh, did I mention there were TREATS and HOT apple cider?

NO…NO…not these!

Well, these are not as sparkly, but DO taste a bit better.

Thank you Mikaela for the great snappies!

We were fortunate enough to have Whitney from “Deserts by Whitney” make us the most scrumptious French Macaroons...OH MY GOODNESSY U M! Usually my dear mother bakes up a storm, but as she is recovering from  illness,  I was in charge of filling the tray with  a morsel of two…Baking is definitely one of my passions, and so this was truly a labor of  L O V E.

So as you stroll by…

Don’t JUST peek in the windows…

Come on in and say HI ,

and let us help you start your Christmas list early,

so that you can sit back,

and E N J O Y this season to the fullest.

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It has been such a long time since I have enjoyed a cuppa with you all. Between personal illness, family emergencies and just down right busyness, blogging just had to take a back seat.

But now that the turkey has been devoured…

and the pumpkin pie consumed,

it is time to gear up for Christmas decorating in the shop.

The ladies have been swimming in sparkles and glitter for a while now, and are anxious to start…


Our theme this season will be

“Christmas in Paris”

Oh how my heart







for anything Parisian…

So on that note,

let me take this oportunity to invite one and all to our little party

For those of you who aren’t able to attend this

“girly get-together”

I promise to take a few snappies.

So until then…

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