to all of you ladies, this Christmas season.”

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  1. Love from me…happy christmas darling……xxx…


  2. ROSIE DEAREST!!!!!!!!!! I only was able to come straight from the web because it appears that my blog was tampered with; every time a reader tries to go into it, they are redirected to some STRANGE PLACE and I can’t fix it! I contacted Blogger, but I won’t be getting any help for at least 48 hours. I am so disappointed! THANK YOU FOR THIS GREETING…thinking of you my dear and wonderful friend,

    Anita :) :) :)

  3. Oh, I am sending many many Christmas hugs to you dear Rosie. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Ahhhhh… I am. I am in a place where I have enjoyed many a giggle, a sweet treat, inspiration for painting and decorating, and sweet friendship. My dear one, thank you for being there for me, always. AND NOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE DOING A LOT OF GIGGLING and ooohing and awhing as you sit back, look at the joy on people’s faces who enter your shop and home, and those who receive the love you share. OH YOUR SHOP must be hustling and bustling!!!! We are here waiting for WEDNESDAY to come, as it is my last day of school. HALLELUJAH, OH YEAH! I am much better now, no more cold, and with our mild temps here, I doubt if a chill will even mouse in through the cracks of the older part of our home. WISHING YOU THE BEST SUNDAY MY DEAREST! Anita

    :) :) :)

  5. Sweet morning my dear friend…you have your family home! What JOY…may you enjoy every moment! Sending you lots of love for a merry and bright week. My parents come this week so getting baking and cleaning done! It will be a good week. xox

  6. ROSIE DEAREST!!!!! The countdown is on…it is ON! I bet you are running around, with a giggle in each step, just KNOWING that your children will be snuggled up at HOME, where they belong. Go get the preparations in check, I just wanted to give you a hug.

    Anita :) :) :)

  7. Hi Rosie,
    Just stopped by to wish you and your family the Very Merriest of Christmases! My family is all tucked under one roof again(check out my blog to see what those naughty kiddos have been up to though…) and it is wonderful. Hope you are able to enjoy your wonderful family as well!

  8. Just saw you had commented on Junes blog just befor me!
    …Merry Christmas!….Colleen

  9. ROSIE DEAREST! The birdies are home, safely tucked in their nest and you, momma bird, are flittering about with JOY!!!!!! You are making ME so happy, for I know that you are enjoying every step of the way as you prepare the gentle shutting of your business doors for a while, and preparing the hearth for your family. Ahhhhh……I leave you some SALTED CHOCOLATE bars for the kids and a stash of the finest French hot chocolate for you and the MISTA….Are the halls decked? CHECK! The tree adorned? CHECK! The sugar cookies and milk ready for old St. Nick? DOUBLE CHECK!!!!

    Sounds like you are ready. MOI AUSSI! Today is my last day at school and the crowd will go wild, but SO WILL THIS TEACHER!!!!


    :) :) :)

  10. The morning is still, the fire is roaring and i am coming to visit my pal.

    The children are probably up and about, or maybe they are still in their beds, but I know that your heart is racing with joy in knowing that the God of all wisdom and hope, joy and love, has blessed you with the most wonderful of gifts….be well my sweet, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Anita

    :) :) :)

  11. TAP TAP TAP!!!!! CHRISTMAS EXPRESS HERE!!!! Just dropping off some freshly baked chocolate ginger cookies for ya ma’am… way of some woman out in Minnesota….the card reads:

    “Greetings my dear and most precious sister. Wishing you and yours a most festive and special holiday.” – Love, Anita

    :) :) :)

  12. Merry Christmas Rosie ♥
    Peace and JOY to you

  13. I can hear the giggles

    I can smell the chocolate, the cinnamon and coffee

    I can see your bright smile and the reflection of your children in your eyes

    I can feel the love

    I can taste the goodness of your generosity.


    :) :) :)

  14. Ahhhhh…..turkey with all the fixins’? Are the children all settled in? Are the dishes piled high in the sink? Is everyone tired? SPLENDID! A special Christmas where evidence of FUN and PROSPERITY is in the MESS left behind, along with memories of sweet love. THANK YOU SPECIAL FRIEND FOR COMING TO VISIT ME!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS TO YOU ALL, Anita

    :) :) :)

  15. Hi Rosie,
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and got to put your feet up a bit and enjoy your family! Now settle in for the New Year!

  16. MORNING!!!! :)

    Just checking in for my daily walk around the world…so relaxing!!!!!!! Anita

    :) :) :)

  17. Hello lovely! Merry Christmas to you!! Hope your day was lovely and spent as you wished! Did you end up doing the flocked tree? If so, how was it?! I am still pregnant…heeheee…anxiously awaiting baby in the next month…He may be early and that would be ok with Mama!! Miss you and hope all is well :) Wishes for a very happy healthy New Years too!! Talk soon! xoxo

  18. Hi Rosie, enjoy these last days of 2011 to the fullest! What will 2012 be like, I started my trip down memory lane earlier this week, soon 2011 will be behind us.
    Much love xxx

  19. ROSIE DARLIN’!!!! Do I hear giggles? Do I hear shouts of victory over winning a favorite board game? THEN THIS IS THE PLACE! THIS IS THE FUN PLACE and momma is running FULL STEAM AHEAD! Oh dearest, I am so moved that you would tear away for a bit to come to visit me…your old pal from the front and back entrance! YOUR PLANS for getting in gear to paint and rearrange sound like old times. These past 1.5 weeks for me have been a great way to get away from the school routine in order to create. What joy! We have kept still this year, enjoying the quiet of our creative minds and have loved every moment of it. I WISH YOU A FABULOUS 2012 my dearest one, and I hope that soon, I can make my dream come true to get up to Abbotsford for a stroll into your shop for a quick hello and hug. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY with the family and keep cozy my dearest one!!! ANITA

    :) :) :)

  20. Happy New Year, Rosie!
    many blessings to you and your family for a new year filled with many JOYS ~ peace and beauty.

  21. The clock is ticking dearest…..I know you are giggling and having a blast..I am here with YOU! Anita

    :) :) :)

  22. The clock is ticking my friend…enjoy all the love. Anita

    :) :) :)

  23. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Anita

    :) :) :)

  24. Good morning sweet one! Just a little YOO HOO for Monday. Tomorrow I go back to school! AHHH! I have so much to do today, it is scary, in order to prepare for a new science unit I am to teach tomorrow.



    :) :) :)

  25. WOOOO! That eggnog party was DELIGHTFUL! But now the cheer will continue as a new year brings MORE occasions to have the loved ones gathered. I saw a great quote yesterday: “An end just means a new beginning.” So my sweet, the children are off and running, mum is going back home, but soon again, we shall be celebrating SPRING and birthdays, EASTER, VALENTINES….and they will find their way back home. Oh Rosie, IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE YOUR COMMENT AND to hear that you will be back in the shop to fill in HOLES! How fortunate and BLESSED you are to have a successful shop. AND I WOULD LOVE to know what goodies you got! I had so much fun being at home and looking at my home! It is a comforting place of whites and grays, burnished golds and loveliness.

    Today I go back to work. THEREFORE, it is time to get ready. But my morning cuppas with you are always a highlight to my mornings and to see your comments….oh dear, I was so happy.

    NOW CARRY ON, have a SMILING DAY, and this is a great NEW YEAR!!! BISOUS MON AMIE!

    Anita :) :) :)

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