______are you the one ?_____

Today was a day of reflection.

I was supposed to be doing a bit of bookwork,

but PROCRASTINATION enveloped me…

and I began to stroll  down “Memory Lane”.

Found this OLD post…

dusted it off..

…and thought it might make you smile.


in this country,  is  mentally  imbalanced

think of your three closest friends…

if   THEY  seem okay…

then  YOU ‘ RE the one.


Gehrhart  *  Landers


P.S….I do believe that today,







Hoping I might encourage you too,

to flip back through the pages in time

and share an old post,

you think we girls,

might enjoy once again.

I have left the original comments up,
just because I cherish these  memories as well.

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Jot a note if you please!

23 Responses to

“______are you the one ?_____”

  1. Oh Rosie, this is a hoot! And then as I scroll down, I see how beautifully you have displayed my two favorite women of all time: My Grandmother Marie, and the fabulous Audrey Hepburn! I swear that my grandma was like her…elegant with the kindness of a sweet sparrow! Oh, you have made my day dearest! THANK YOU!!!!!!! And again, a belated but well wished birthday to you sweetheart! Anita

  2. LOL, as I was reading this I was thinking of all my friends, one by each, yup, she’s ok, yes, he’s alright….then I read…”it might be you!” UH OH! A great laugh to start the day! Thank you! :)

  3. Rosie…this is so cute, it made me laugh right out loud…very funny..hum, maybe it is me! LOL :D

  4. Wow, what a neat post. I saw you on Julie’s blog and was intriqued with your website name!

    Really a neat place.

    Oh, and yea, it’s definitely me.

  5. I think I’m being dense here (you know, since I’m that “one”) but I can’t figure out how to read your older posts.

  6. Good evening darling!

    Oh we had fun today….just got in a while ago, ate dinner, drank a toast and then we are going to have some tea with frothy milk…we never stop whether we are walking up steps at the Mall of America on a rainy or snowy day, around the lakes, or eating, drinking our tea and watching good movies. If I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t sleep!!!!

    I thought of you today ESPECIALLY having looked at some cool books at Barnes and Noble book store: My French Life and two other books on Audrey Hepburn of which the title slips me at the moment….but I must get all three of these books!!!!

    Have a lovely evening, and see ya in the morning….Anita

  7. Oh Rosie, what FUN you are gonna have tomorrow! Fish and chips and wine….WOWOOWOW! We have our fun too, and yes, go go go is our motto! And to meet up with blogger pals…what incredible fun. I long to meet you all, all of you with whom I connect and feel a bond with. I know that we would laugh and talk and never stop.

    I will be doing a post in the next couple of weeks, inviting you all into my home and little garden. Stay tuned. But in the meantime, a cuppa every morning and a kind hello will keep us revved up ’til I am on SUMMER VACATION FROM SCHOOL!

    Have a great day tomorrow dearest! Anita

  8. *giggle* Thank you so much for the giftie! Loved spending time chit chatting today with another “kindred”. I bought a little table after we left your store, I might even get it finished as it is a small piece! I am crazy!! So fun…pics soon of a bunch of things…promise!

  9. Love your images today! Hope your weekend is great, sunny and funny so far! Sweet dreams for now. xo

  10. This is such a spectacular post ~ I love it! I have amazing friends in my life and that makes me feel very fortunate. Wishing you a lovely Sunday afternoon.
    xoxo, B

  11. 1 in 4….?
    pfffft… thought it was MUCH higher…:)

    I love you Hon.

  12. Hi my friend…this is soooo true…very cute indeed.

    How are YOU!!!!? I really do miss you…why does life just fly by? I want it to slow down so I can fill my day having tea with you. xoxoxo Have a great week my friend.

  13. hahah…I am sure I am the one most of the time!

  14. ROSIE!!!! LOOK! THIS IS A WONDERFUL IDEA DEAREST! I have often wondered about certain posts that I did that I liked but wondered what I would do with them…this is a great idea! AND IT WAS BRILLIANT TO KEEP THE OLD COMMENTS! THis is when you and I barely met!!!! Oh dearest, this takes me back so vividly!!!! I remember those days I wrote about. WHAT A CLEVER FRIEND YOU ARE….Now..to my email!!! Anita :) :) :)

  15. Ha Ha ~ you have company! LOL

  16. Cute post, dear Rosie! I am so glad you had special time with your kids over the holiday!
    My Easter was very nice. I went to church, then spent the rest of the day with family. Always special times! Especially since we watched old home movies from 20 years ago!
    I do prefer white over a lot of color in home decor as well, but I’m always fascinated by bold, bright colors in other people’s homes!
    I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! XO

  17. Sooo funny….I’m pretty sure I’m the ONE TOO!!!
    Happy day!

  18. Ahhh…dear, dear friend. Let’s go sit on my settee…I’ll be right back with some warm scones, some LEMON OR LIME CURD…Oh! I also have some ORANGE CURD…and of course, a pot of Earl Grey….and I will be right there! Anita :) :) :)

  19. So glad to have met you and I cannot believe its been over a year!

  20. Hello there pretty girl! Dearest, did you get my BACK DOOR EMAIL YESTERDAY? Oh my precious, are you feeling better today? I was corresponding with dear Koralee and both her and I are exhausted…teacher fatigue! I think of you when I come home after having a magical day, but paying for it in the form of SLEEPINESS! May your day today be promising and bright and FULL OF SPARKLE in every form imaginable….a bright smile, a visit from a great friend, a kind word, and a painless feeling in your being. Bless you my sweet, sweet sista!!!!

    OFF TO WORK FOR ANOTHER DAY OF CRAZINESS but sweet bugs. Anita :) :) :)

  21. GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS! I had forgotten to say that YES, we should have a link-up to a DOWN MEMORY LANE post; I love this idea you have here to pull out a favorite post….and now my sweet picket fence friend :) I am hopping on over the fence through the back porch door via email! teeehheeee :) :) :)


  22. I am HOPPING OVER the picket fence dearest! I have a basket of some of Koralee’s vanilla muffins studded with the berries of your choice; put on the kettle and here I come! ANita :) :) :)

  23. Love this post. I am the one day. At least I’ll try to be!

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