_____girls day out____


my, my, my… such  a very lovely day I had…

and it all started,  with  a little phone call

….Darby, can you come out to play?

...YOU CAN!!!

this is the sort of friendship

that when the “rush” of life


{ for what seems like an eternity… }

it’s like, we have never been apart.

walking into my dear  friends home...

is like stepping back in time,


everything has it’s place….

….and what a perfect place it is !

the sink  in  the “boys” bathroom…

is an old RED tool cart !

soon it was time to go  SHOPPING,

Darby and I enjoyed a delicious  lunch,

and made our way to explore a few cute stores

Winks is a very trendy home decor shop…

Thank you Wendy…the book is great!

Then it was onto the Button Box

to see what’s new at  Jeanie’s establishment,

Oh, such a collection of  ”Old and New

After trying on more than a few hats…

{ what  a  selection ! ! ! }

…  it was time  to go home.

Thanks for

such a lovely day….smile on Rosie


Darby displays her fabulous treasures

at the ” Fort Langley” antique mall

A   MUST  SEE  !

Jot a note if you please!

14 Responses to

“_____girls day out____”

  1. OH ROSIE! What a fun and beautiful day you must have had! It is magical, this friendship, isn’t it? I would so love to meet you.

    Love your photos, everything is so enchanting! BISOUS! Anita

  2. Bonjour your Majesty! I found you through Bluebird notes and I am having so much fun here! Your humor is so refreshing and I like it here, it’s fun and I want to stay:) I have added your beautiful button to my blog at LaPetitPlume.blogspot.com so that all can come out to play! Looking forward to my next visit. I love your shop as well, Especially the clock!!

    Royal wishes,

  3. Just me popping in again and hoping that my “gravatar” will show up:)


  4. Oh my sweet little Daisy…you are too kind…and yes, of course you can stay…if you pop back to my web “home” page the ~white bed~ is fresh and ready for you to jump into…you might have to ditch a pillow or two…{or three.}I LOVE THAT YOU TRIED THE GRAVATAR BUTTON!!!!it not only will work for my site, but your button will show up on any other site like mine…thanks for snitching my button, I am so excited to return the favor… but, have to go into the Big City…{Vancouver}…will drop back to enjoy your Angelic Little World when I return…smile on Rosie

  5. Good evening dearest! I just got home from a long day at teaching, and saw you dear note! I hope you had a fabulous day, and such fun to share this week of celebration with you!!! I just love that photo of the pink telephone….wow!!!

    Oh, how are you dear one? Come by anytime…Anita

  6. Hi Rosie!
    Oh your story was great! Love the way time disappears when it’s spent with old friends!

    Your photos are great! The pink phone makes me want a land line again {but I’m enjoying the quiet of having only a cellphone in the house}

    I would love to visit all the shops you post about {including your own}!

    Your story about agent orange is great! Love the “drama”
    and the all the colors!
    Have a wonderful week! Maria

  7. Oh sweet Rosie! I just saw your second comment…..OH wouldn’t CINDERELLA be a great theme to work with? Hmmmmm……we are most definitely made for each other!!! Have a lovely sleep tonight! Anita

  8. looooooove FT Antique mall!!! how was your treasure hunt in vancouver today???

  9. sdkjfksadf { I told you, i’m not bilingual…} :)

  10. hahahahah! OOPS!

  11. Rosie! I am so excited! I am on days off from Friday-Tues are you in the store any of those days!?? I cannot wait!!!! I feel so privileged! I am going to paint the little desk…I a pretty sure a shade of white…distressed…Lovely hardware…I will post some pics as soon as I begin the transformation! Talk soon,
    Becky xo

  12. What a lovely way to spend a day! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  13. looks absolutely wonderful Rosie, thanks for sharing pics of your gorgeous treasures.
    now i need to try to load a gravatar soon, aswell as send you a pic.
    do forgive me for being a little slow at that.
    smiley sping hugs to you

  14. Loved your surprise visit Rosie…You inspire me!

    make it beautiful…


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