_____heavenly aroma____

Well, the B*L*O*O*M*S are ripe for the picking…

and ” pick them“…I did…

But, just ONE bouquet would NEVER do...

I’m afraid, they were ALL  OVER the house…


{I was relaxing amongst the fragrant blooms,}

{last evening, when all of a sudden,}

{this thought, occurred to me…}

“I often ponder on what Heaven will look like,

but..I now believe,

I know what it will “S*M*E*L*L”  like…



Jot a note if you please!

7 Responses to

“_____heavenly aroma____”

  1. OH ROSIE! What a great start to my morning….coming to YOUR HOUSE and seeing these fabulous blooms, getting a scent of heaven, and sitting in your awesome home, chatting over a cup of something strong and yummy! Thank you dearest, and I look forward to tomorrow morning as well!

    YIPEE! Anita

  2. Ohhhhh I just might have to scome pinch some of those for myself! Lucky you!

  3. looks and i’m sure smells like you
    brought in a little bit of heaven.

    lilacs are my favorite for their delicious
    aroma and old fashioned nature.


  4. Hey doll! That was a good cuppa….I just went window shopping in your world and I love how you made your quotes!!! I HOLD THE SAME RULES! I teach fourth grade you know, and I come to school in high heels, earrings, pearls, funky brooches and flairy skirts. One year, a kid said to me, “Madame, I will never forget your cloths!”

    I wish I could go INTO your shop and feel everything….those plush animals are so darling!!!

    Back tomorrow for another cuppa, Anita

  5. I LOVE them too, ours don’t bloom here til the end of May, I don’t have any bushes but I know where some abandoned ones are and I pay them a little visit! In Heaven, I just know they are there and roses and that they last even longer! :D

  6. Hello Rosie~ what a pleasure it was to see you stroll in for a visit. i love meeting new friends.
    I was just telling mu hubs how I’d love to bring in a few bouquets. Our sunshine is so fleeting in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve got to pick your blooms before the sudden rainfall hits them.
    I adore your name…Roses and Rutabagas. We love roses! We’ve got over 150 bushes in our yard. I posted a tutorial on how to sugar roses (It’s in my archives).
    I look forward to comng by your charming blog again. It’ll be nice getting to know you.
    Sweet wishes,

  7. Lilacs are my favorite spring flower. At least until the lily-of-the-valley starts blooming, then the peonies…

    But I do fill my house with lilacs. I love waking up in the morning to my entire house smelling so wonderful! And yes, I do think heaven must smell exactly like that!

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