____C’est la vie___

Ok…I am willing to share this moment of inadequacy  with you…as long as you “try” to feel my pain…and at least if you should  perhaps, let a snicker escape, let it be in love …Soooo,  I might need to preface this story with this statement…“I am extremely challenged, with anything  even remotely resembling, an electronic device.”

Monday morning, I am on my way to  Vancouver, with my ipod  plugged into both lobes, when the (new) hands free device starts to “CHIRP”…well I can only be heard on this piece of plastic, if I am suspending  it above  my chest like a mic…Hmmm…not really “hands free” any more is it? Yes, well this is where things start to go awry . I keep the hands free laying on the seat beside me  (for a quick response time)…all of a sudden the phone begins to RING. I rip the earphones out of my lobes, go to grab the hands free, (accidentally pushing some button on the side),well,  the device starts talking in french to me…oh my, it’s going down hill fast! Just as I push the “correct” button to accept the call (totally by accident) I realize I have just missed my exit…this is where the GPS comes into play…Yup, you guessed it, not really competent here either.  Needless to say the day could only get better…Oh, by the way “she” is still talking french to me when I enter the car……c’est la vie……..au revoir…     Rosie…

I wish I could say “April Fools”…but, alas,  I can not…

Jot a note if you please!

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“____C’est la vie___”

  1. Une histoire très drôle en effet ! J’ai ri, totalement de l’amour, les sons comme quelque chose que je ferais !

  2. oh bonjour!

  3. You really make me smile my friend…I can just see you in your car with all that french chatter. I am afraid I missed a few of your posts…off to check them out….peeked at the cookie one below..those cookies look amazing. Have a blessed Easter weekend. xo

  4. Dearest Dawn,

    Ok, a few important points to cover:

    #1. I thought I made it perfectly clear that I am NOT bilingual, and I have No time for any classes. I did, however, go to a French to English translator site to see just what you wrote.(OK, I am “nosy” by nature… can’t help it) Very sweet by the way, thanks :)
    #2 Welcome back to blogland. I take it, that “sweet little sports car” of a sewing machine must be just “purrring”, as we haven’t seen you for days. Be sure to post your wonderful creation for us to drool over.
    …and finally #3 yes…Jimmy is rather cute.
    My husband says we should all write in different languages, as it made blogging much more interesting…he’s not a fan of my new hobby…no taste.
    Well have a wonderful Easter …love Rosie

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and for putting me on your blog list.
    Question, though. How did you make my button?!?!? I LOVE IT! Is there a way I can get it from you and even the url underneath so others can grab my button?!?!?!

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