….a “HOPEFUL” Rosie…


I am so sad..


in an earlier post


I told you of our bickering tenants

{how,  she wanted a twig here}


{and he,  wanted it there. . .}


well… I hadn’t seen them for awhile


so… just assumed


that they might be in “counselling”

{ and would soon  return…}

{  with love in their little eyes }




When,  STILL,  they  did not return,

we UP~GRADED their  little  apartment

{a little enticement }

with some  ”flowery”  landscaping…

{bright and cheery}

each morning, I go and check…

{ to see if maybe…}

they  have “come home to nest”

…but, alas,..

{{  nothing  }}


maybe  now, with  the  warm  weather,

they will return


…   if    not  …


I have a nest  ” FOR RENT “

_________apply within________

love… a  * HOPEFUL * Rosie


Jot a note if you please!

8 Responses to

“….a “HOPEFUL” Rosie…”

  1. Oh Rosie!!! THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I had some darling residents last year; Mr. and Mrs. “Robinson”…..she made the most gorgeous little next with what appeared to be hanging raffia…it looked like a nest you would buy at a craft store! Then, when the little ones came, we HAD to walk under that arbor area in the garden to do our work in the garden, and Mrs. Robinson would swoop down on our heads! It was lovely…..

    I do hope your tenants come back…I am sure you want to give them the best rates in town!


  2. Is this your porch? It’s beautiful..and I hope you get some sweet residents this spring and summer! :D

  3. Hi Rosie, thanks so much for visiting with me. Yes, the hair and tiara are still askew!

    I have noticed a lot of activity with the birds in the neighborhood lately. It must be spring! Perhaps your little friends will be by soon.

    I love your blog and your shop is divine. I’ll be checking back regularly.

    Have a lovely one, Bonnie

  4. Aww, too bad. I think it a great idea, just put a sign for rent out there and soon a new couple will enter your lovely nest ;)
    I missed yesterdays post, that pink phone is darling!

    Wishing you a happy day, Rosie, sun and fun!! xoxo

  5. Hey there darling Rosie! It is a sweet pleasure to come to visit you in the morning…like a sweet song of a bird early in the wee hours!!!! THANK YOU DEAREST FOR VISITING AGAIN! There are going to be many fêtes all year round, so get geared up!!!


  6. Ok Rosie…I will rent that nest …if it is anything like your home I would be in heaven. I love your sweet home…I see the house beside yours is for sale…hmmmmm..guess what we are looking so if you come across anything let me know {I am not stalking you or anything but I do know your area…we have friends who live a few doors down..the DeWaal’s..I teach with her and my daugher is best friends with her daughter…. plus I visited you when you were on the Christmas tour…all I can say is I still dream about your home! Hugs my friend.

  7. so cute! we had the opposite problem once.
    my husband bought a giant rubber snake
    and coiled it where they liked to make their

    so , they just made their nest inside the coil. :)

  8. Oh … how tempting! Is there a teaching job in Vancouver?
    ~ ~ ~
    Sounds just lovely and I hope your sweet upgrades are appreciated soon!
    Lots of Joy to YOU ~ Maria

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