I just A D O R E this ROMANTIC holiday.

So much pretty LOVE, to spread around


OH MY…those looked WAY better LAST YEAR…

Now What ???

Hmmm….Well…How about a Brand New Outfit…

Yup, this is the ticket.

So pulled out the boxes of old,






hearts and such…

selected the  appropriate “spray can”,

and away we go!



+ a wee bit of paint and


= THIS !

and this…

and these  too!

And so the DECORATING begins!

these girly little TIGHTS and LEG WARMERS, just make me…

and what could be more FUN,

than a little Birthday  BREAKFAST  celebration!

With boxes and MORE boxes arriving daily,

the shop is FULL of   “R & R  GOODNESS”

So come in

and ENJOY the “PRETTY”,

that this SWEET holiday has to offer .

Jot a note if you please!

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  1. love those glitter hearts.
    so much loveliness round here Rosie.
    sending you big hugs for a wonderful mid week ♥

  2. I am in love of those pink bunny’s and hearts!!….nice post …nice to read you again…..love from me…..xxx..

  3. Ok…you guys are way too adorable!!!! All I can say is you can never have too much FUN!
    I will be in…plus thank you soooooo much for making my Sydneys day…you are one dear friend. xoxxoxoxo

  4. WAIT!!!!!!!! I MISSED THIS YESTERDAY???? HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS THIS????? ME, MOI, who always has her nose in everything, first thing?????

    THOSE CINNAMON BUNS ARE IT!!! And look, look at those sparkling hearts and that is your HAND!!! I SAW ROSIE’S HAND!! Dearest, you just made my morning. YOU DID. Oh, your crafty hands have made sparkles happen and look at the love you put into making those women who love you so LOVE YOU EVEN MORE…..what a treat for them to work in a shop with so much love oozing out of it in pretty ornies and little girl pretties but most of all, a boss who is a leader, a follower, a trend setter, the perfect example of hospitality. Just like OUR LORD.

    Well, that was a sugar/love high that will carry me through an interesting school day today. Thank you for your kind words. I must restore my faith in people only through God’s forgiveness. Off I go, but I am snatching a cinnamon bun NOW….catch me if you can!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


  5. A very nice improvement on those pretty hearts. I love them,..:)Your shop is very beautiful.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, sweet Rosie!!

    Happy Birthday to your friend too! Enjoy!


  6. What a wonderful birthday breakfast! What a sweet way to start the day.

    Looks like the month of February is off to a lovely start! Enjoy your weekend,

  7. Hi Rosie!
    Oh my ~ it’s F♥BRUARY! ALREADY!
    I love all your Rosie decorations! The hearts makeover was great! I love their iridescence!
    Your shop looks lovely! Are the little white birdies soaps? How I would love to visit Roses and Rutabagas! I know someday it may happen! My children and nieces and nephew are settling in all parts of the USA! My niece just moved to California! My other niece was just in Seattle interviewing for her residency. They’re all moving away!
    Your girlfriend party looks like it was a special time. Wishing you more joy always, dear ♥
    Blessings to you*

  8. Rosie you put the love right in me with this beautiful post. Could you please pass me one of those cookies my sweet!
    hugs from here…

  9. Oh my sweet friend…thank you from Sydney and ME!!! You really made her day…you are so generous she loved her sweet bag filled with pink goodies…you really are the BEST!!!! xoxoxoo Happy weekend…and your store is looking amazing!

  10. Good morning special friend!

    LOVE IS IN THE AIR chez Rosie! As usual, your wares make everyone happy because YOU put so much time into them. Just ambling by to say HI.

    LOVE! Anita :) :) :)

  11. ROSIE!!!!!!!!!! Testing 1 2 3….can ya hear me? Ohhhh…..you’re fading…..AHHH!

    I CANNOT WAIT to see the new chairs. AS SOON AS YOU GET RECONNECTED, PICTURES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh how fun, you are getting a new ceiling too?? And to watch your two men “PLAY” must be a joy. Isn’t it funny how men wrestle? My boys do this all the time and it just makes me laugh. The minute they see each other, the SPAR like polar bears! I love it.

    OK, best leave…..signing off……..LOVE! Anita

    :) :) :)

  12. I know you can’t access the internet, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t come by to leave a shortbread biskie for your tea!!!! LOVE! Anita
    :) :) :)

  13. OH my, pretty, pretty pretty. I just loved all those things. You can’t help but feel happy when you see all those lovely things.
    Hmmm. sugar cookies !!

  14. Sending you ooooodles of sweet bliss for a perfect Valentine’s day tomorrow. oxxoxoo
    Just wanted you to know your sweet basket was a hit at the auction…$150.oo it brought the students for their Mexico Missions trip! xoxoxo You are the best.

  15. Dearest one, I don’t know if you are still unable to get internet, but I wanted to come by to give you a HUGE HUG AND KISS FOR THIS SPECIAL DAY AND to tell you how much you mean to me! LOVE YOU ALWAYS! Anita
    :) :) :)

  16. Hope you are surrounded with love this Valentine’s Day! Have a good one, miss ya!

  17. I miss you so.


    :) :) :)

  18. Hi Rosie,
    Wishing you a wonderful week! Hope the sun is shining on you.

  19. Just popping in to say hi dear friend….Happy March…I so want to see your smiling face soon! xoxoxox

  20. I FINALLY GOT IN! I had tried several times to leave a comment, but the page would just vanish! Dear one, are you connected yet? Anita :) :) :)

  21. Dearest, are you there? Anita

  22. Hi dear friend! How are you? Hope all is smashingly well! I have a little wee man who would like to meet you soon! What do you say? Haven’t had much time til now…I am starting to get the hang of this ;)


  23. Missing our cuppas, but I just wanted to come to see if you wanted to share a little scone with me! LOVE! Anita
    :) :) :)

  24. Oh dear friend…thank you for your sweet comments the other day…what a blessing you are to me. I PROMISE once my work is all done on this book…I am taking you for tea. It is slowly winding down…happy dance. Just a few more chapters to go.
    I do miss you….and I sooooooo want to see what you have been doing on your lovely home…just don’t know how it could get any better…you are always full of surprises.
    Sending you my love until we sit for tea. xoxoxo
    Sydney is on her way to Mexico tomorrow…driving {14 hour days} Please pray for safety and no migraines….she is leaving behind a worried momma. Thanks again for your sweet donation…happy dance. xoxoxoxoxo

  25. Hi Rosie,
    Hope you are having a beautiful spring! Thinking about you today,

  26. YOU ARE HERE!!!!!!!!! I will come for a brief visit via email. Anita

    :) :) )

  27. Hello~hopping in to wish you a Joyous Easter.
    At this holiday I’m always flooded with memories of wearing fluffy dresses and petticoats with fluffy hair to match.
    Getting these small glimpses of spring that have surfaced has me craving a weather change.
    I’m more than ready to welcome a fresh season of color.

    I’m hoping you return to blogging soon.

    Sweet wishes,

  28. rosie!!!!

    i lost your blog. it just disappeared
    from my blog list.

    as always you have treated us to such
    beauty and grace.

    hope all is well with you and those you

    all the best,

  29. Tea? Let’s do it! Mondays work best for me! Hugs…miss you.

  30. hi rosie!

    it was lots of fun to see valentine’s
    in may. you are a genius with a
    little paint and sparkle.

    i hope you have a wonderful mother’s
    day and get to spend time with yor
    sweet kiddos.


  31. Hi Rosie,
    Just wishing you a wonderful summer. I have been missing you, but I know that life is crazy busy. Just wished you lived down the street so I could pop over for a visit. Or you could pop in here!

  32. Hi Colleen,
    Haven’t seen u for so long. Just checking in to see how u r doing…..hope all is well!

  33. Hello, hello, hello! Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you today. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  34. it looks like i’m stalking you, but i do
    miss you. hope everything is ok and
    that you are just swamped at your
    lovely shoppe!

    all is well in oklahoma! having our
    first cool fall day and grateful for it!

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