My Window of Spring!

Good morning girls!
Thought I would share my Kitchen window with you all…I see it as ” a promise that spring is at hand”…Yippee!

Had the best visit with my mama this weekend …thought I might share one of these special moments with you all…( this is totally on the Q T )…
Mom was kind enough to help me in the store on Saturday…greeting,wrapping and coffee runs. During one of the lulls, mom decided to try on a few of the cute little dresses that were new to the store…so much fun…(now something I really must preface this story with; mom is not only quite cultured, but also very classy…a no nonsense,  retired school teacher. So…in walk a lovely Korean couple, not speaking a lot of English, seemingly enjoying their stroll through the shop…mom has no idea we have “company”…and bursts upon the scene exclaiming “I think I really need to invest in a new pair of  ’spanx’”… Oh my… Composure, Composure, Composure…this is all I could think of!  Did they know what “spanx” were ?… I wasn’t about to tell them…and mom was in no condition….C’est la vie…smile on… Rosie

Jot a note if you please!

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“My Window of Spring!”

  1. You are way to cute for words…and you mom must be adorable!!! I must get in and visit you and take a peek at your clothes. I so adore you sweet window box…you amaze me with your talents. xoxox

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