Oh My…It has been ever  so  L  O  N  G.

I promised,

all be it,

a while back,

to show you the balance of my trip home .

This was such a pleasant trip down “Memory Lane”….

filled with quiet time…

and moments spent peering into old windows,

searching for that elusive reflection,

Memories who’s  edges have faded over time.

Even after one hundred years, the old house still stands PROUD…

but, the barns are now ….quiet.

and the out buildings are ……still.

And even though the paint is a bit faded,

and the vines are thriving…

my heart still SOars when I come  home.

Summer is in full swing…finally. I must take this opportunity to say how very much I miss you all. Life is SO busy, and there are just not enough hours in the day. Please forgive my absence in this blissful, blogging world and know that I will visit when I can .

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A few weeks ago, I went home to the Okanagan to visit my mom,

who had just underwent retinal eye surgery.

Had a wonderful time filled with

chit chat,

eye drops,


eye drops,

and even a bit of gallivanting….

yup, more eye drops.

One of our outings included my niece Lexi’s farm.

She was not home, so I took the liberty

of sneaking a few snappies.

We were treated like royalty…

The ladies even offered us refreshments…

but we had already had lunch  :)

The girls we’re out and about,

doing what girls do…

having a “HEN party” of course  :)

What a lovely stroll…sorry we miss you Lexi.  Next time.

This was a GREAT day…I would love to show you the

“Home Farm”

in my next post…but it is GARDENING season now,

so please be patient with me, and I WILL get to it.

May those of you, who find digging in the dirt therapeutic,

…thoroughly ENJOY your days ( with filthy hands…ahhhh)

….and those of you who DON’T ….have a CUTE gardener.

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Bonjour? … Sweet Anita, tu es là?

OUI …. OUI …I am ready to join you, and ALL the girls…

I just have to pop a few MORE bags in the car…

Au revoir  Canada … Bonjour GIRLY GETAWAY!!!!

Ahhhhh….Paris…. Beautiful PARIS  !

And so it begins…

Let”s take a stroll, and a few snappies shall we?

Through the cherry blossoms…

Oh…the cherry blossoms…

one MUST window shop!

Time for a little cuppa, and wee treat !

Oh what a perfect ” girly getway “…it is almost time to say

But before this day dream is done…

I Must say a BIG thank~you to my dearest friend and kindred,

the Sweet Anita at Castles, Crowns and Cottages,

who has been a most charming hostess.


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There is still TIME …

but, you MUST hurry!

Come and join the” Sweet Anita


” Castles,Crowns and Cottages “

as we take a  FUNfilled  trip to  Paris !

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Happy Mother’s Day Mama…

You are so loved !

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