.____ Simple Pleasures ____.

Well…I must say, I had the most enjoyable morning, that I have had in quite some time. I was not out to coffee with girlfriends… I was not getting pampered at the salon… It didn’t even involve a credit card...(I know, hard to believe) Actually, I can say, with quite a satisfied smile,  I didn’t even leave my house. Yes, these few moments of bliss … this total gratification… these feelings of intoxicating gladness …took place in my” humble, little kitchen”.


“Oh my”, you say  … “Is it possible to be so easily pleased”…”Can she be ill”?…”Has she finally lost what little mind she had left”? ...Hmmm (could be)

Well…It has to be said, when our lives get so busy, that we forget the simple pleasure of combining flour, sugar, butter and a few chocolate chips, we really should  sit down and take a breath.  I had been taught” to judge my day on how much I get accomplished”. On how many “to-do’s” I can cross off the list…It’s all “well and good” to be ambitious…but lets not lose sight of what’s really important.  Maybe it’s time for us to simplify our busy lives…Take time to bake cookies

and enjoy a little R & R…

___Love Rosie___

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“.____ Simple Pleasures ____.”

  1. …great images…love the vintage canisters!….

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my fave!

  3. Lovely words today, Rosie. We must not lose sight of what’s really important, so so true. Your chocolate dip cookies look delicious, beyond delicious! Enjoy enjoy!
    Sending many many special Easter wishes your way. xoxox

  4. These are the most delicious looking and charming pictures I have seen have cookie baking! You have a talent for making ordinary and simple things feel extraordinary :-D

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    PS thanks for keeping in touch over at Bardot in Blue, it is always a joy to see when you have stopped by in the comments section

  5. fabulous blog post! gorgeous pics!
    luv, rocketgirl.

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